Chandrika Steinhardt - Evolving Woman - Lotus Lily Bliss - Luxurious Kimono - Design by Chandrika

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Enjoy the touch of Lotus Lily Bliss...wearing this Luxurious Kimono!

Be reminded of your own divinity hidden within The Sacred Lotus Lily Flower. And if you wish...share this feeling with your beloved.

Or...consciously tend to your own Sacred Garden of Self Love whilst wearing this yummy creation.

'Lotus Lily' by Artist Chandrika, was a lot of fun to design onto this Kimono. The original painting was inspired from a place of admiration and love for her Daughter as a gift for her 21st Birthday...the dawn of her new life unfolding!

Once given, twice shared, loving intention is imbued... in this beautifully feminine piece, so you too can feel the yummy bliss wearing your own Luxurious Kimono.

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