Chandrika Steinhardt - My Sacred Body Dress - Evolving Woman - Tantrika - Design by Chandrika

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Be the change you want to see wearing this bold feminine statement!...Evolving Woman I AM!...Self Guided I AM...! My Body is Sacred, Healthy and Strong. I am a Consciously Evolving the act of becoming!

Imbued with exotic intention this design is a favorite of many, being another self-portrait 'Evolving Woman', based on her real life journey as a seeker of ancient wisdom. This early work depicts The Evolving Woman deep in meditation. She guides you on YOUR way to seek... and find... your highest potential.

With this design Chandrika strongly affirms our divine nature, carrying the truth banner...bravely we own and protect our sacred feminine truths.

"We are all born pure, divinely naked in our newly formed Sacred body. And all of us is close to an un-deniable sense of divinity."

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