Chandrika Steinhardt - Luxurious Kimono - Conscious Flower Power of Love - Design by Chandrika

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Go beyond your earthly sense of love awareness, live life as if...yes there is more...

Find that which is beyond the physical, and that beyond the mortal. Seek all that is within the mystery of life, of love... embodying the evolutionary call!

Wearing this Luxurious Kimono is risky, brave and bold. Do you dare become conscious of the power of your essence, the power to create new life? Your Conscious Flower Power of Love used wisely is a wonder to behold! Bless this!

The original art that inspired this custom designed Luxurious Kimono was created during rarefied early phases of a young Seeker's evolution, whereby she would journey and muse over the essence of Creation...stand for hours, days, weeks and months painting her findings, her scientific research through meditative creative process.

In this and other work, Artist Chandrika created her own Mythology!

Be reminded to Seek... and to Find... YOUR own unique essence and truth to be told when you wear your Flower Power of Love Luxurious Kimono. Activate your conscious evolution by wearing it as a magic cape...

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